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Best Restaurants in Peru

On the 2016 list of best 50 Restaurants in Latin America, the following Peruvian restaurants are listed:
1. - Central in Miraflores (4th on the list of best 50 world restaurants)
2. - Astrid y Gaston in San Isidro (14th on the list of best 50 world restaurants)
7. - Maido in Miraflores (44th on the list of best 50 world restaurants)
11.- Malabar in San Isidro
15.- La Mar in Miraflores
20.- Fiesta in Miraflores
27.- Rafael in Miraflores
31. - La Picantería in Surquillo

According to Summum based on a survey in Peru for 2015-2016 
Best 20 restaurants in Lima:
Central, Rafael, Astrid & Gaston, Fiesta, La Gloria, El Mercado, Perroqet, Costanera 700, IK, Symposium, Cala, La Mar, Osaka, Maras, Huaca Pucllana, Titi, Malabar, Mayta, La Rosa Nautica
Best 10 New Restaurants
Isolina,Tragaluz, La Cuadra de Salvador, Bottega Dasso, Barrio, Casagrande Davia, Veggie Pizza, La Cabrera, Juicy Lucy Prime Burgers, New York Burger 

Contemporary Peruvian Cuisine 
Central, IK, Huaca Pucllana, Astrid y Gaston, Malabar, Amoramar, Mayta, Lima 27, Cosme, Maras
Seafood: El Mercado,La Mar, Costanera 70, Pescados Capitales,Amoramar,Chez Wong, El Kapallaq
Tradtional Peruvian Cuisine: Fiesta, Jose Antonio, Huaca Pucllana, Panchita, Isolina,El Rincon que no conoces, Perroquet , El Senorio de Sulco, La Picanteria, Brujas de Cachche
Regional Cuisine: Fiesta, El Rocotto, El Rinconcito Arequipeno, La Paisana, El Tarwi
Steaks:  Carnal, La Carreta, El Hornero,  El Charrua, Osso, La Cuadra del Salvador, La Cabrera, La Tranquera, El Parrillon, Rincon Gaucho
Italian Cuisine:  Symposium, La Tratoria di Mambrino, Los Bachiche, San Ceferino, Danica,Casagrande Davia, La Bodega de la Trattoria, Don Vito, La Linterna, La Traviata
Japanese: Maido, Costanera 700, Toshiro's Sushi Bar, Hanzo, Edo,  Ache, Ichiban, Sushi Ito, Sushi Cage (Swisshotel)
Chinese (Chifa): Titi, Madam Tusan, O-Mei, Hou Wha, Royal, Internacional, Kou Wha, Lung Fung, and Salon Capon
Coffee Shops: La Bonbonniere, La Tiendecita Blanca, Cafe Delifrance,GianfrancoCafe, San Antonio, La baguette, Dolce Capricio, Danica, Haiti Miraflores, Museo Larco
Nikkei: Maido, Costanera 700, Osaka, Hanzo, Edo, Ache, Al Toque Pez
Mediterranean: La Gloria, Rafael, Central, Herve, Cafe Delifrance
Hotel restaurants: Maras (Westin), Perroquet (Country Club), Tragaluz (Belmond Hotel), La Locanda (Swiss Hotel), La Fondue (Swisshotel) Lima Golf (Libertador), La Cupula (Sheraton), La Vista (Marriot) El Olivar Other Cuisine: Sian Thai Cuisine, Arlotia, La Fondue, Mantra Indian Cuisine, Almazen, Club Suizo, Azahar, Guru Kebab & Curry, Quinoa, Paseo Colon.

Best restaurants in Arequipa 
Chicha by Gaston Acurio,ZigZag,La Nueva Palomino, Sol de Mayo, La Trattoria del Monasterio, Paladar 1900, La Benita
                                      Best restaurants in Cusco 
Cicciolina, Chicha, MAP Cafe, Limo, Le Soleil,Incanto,Baco,El Huacatay
                                     Best restaurants in Trujillo
Fiesta, Big Ben, Mochica, Celler de Cler
                                       Best restaurants Chiclayo
Fiesta, El Cantaro, El Rincon del Pato, El Huaralino
                                     Best restaurants in Iquitos
Al Frio y al fuego, Fitzacarraldo Via Gourmet, Amazon Bistro, La gran Maloca. Blanquita, Antica 

My Preferred Restaurants:

Pescados Capitales: One of the best seafood restaurants in Lima and one of the only ones that open at night time. The food is fantastic and the service is great. No reservations accepted on weekends, so you must get there early or wait in their comfortable waiting lounge. Av. La Mar 1337, MirafloresOne of the only seafood restaurants that opens at night.  www.pescadoscapitales.com/
Kapallaq: This restaurant is frequented by a clientele that appreciates a sophisticated, yet traditional seafood cuisine. The menu features many fish and shellfish clay pot stews, seasoned with native Peruvian herbs and flavours, as well as dishes that reveal a Spanish influence in the generous use of wine, olive oil, saffron, and garlic. Chef Lucho and wife Deniss are your hosts. Opens only for lunch, from Mondays to Sundays. Make reservations.  Read here for a great interview: http://www.peruthisweek.com/food-peru...
Av.Reducto 1505, Miraflores. Phone: 4444149
Francesco: Very fine restaurant with excellent seafood and pasta dishes. Opens for lunch only, from Mondays to Sundays. Reservations are a must.
Malecon de la Marina 526, Miraflores   Phone: 4428255 or 2212697
Punta Sal: Another successful restaurant with several branches. Its one of the favorites for local Limenos. Chef Adolfo is an excellent host and a very well-known cook in Peru. He is also giving personal cooking classes for foreigners.Contact him at chefperret@gmail.com. Excellent seafood dishes at reasonable prices. Only opens for lunch.
Conquistadores 948, San Isidro   Phone: 4417431 www.restaurantepuntasal.com/
La Mar: Another Gaston Acurio's restaurant the dishes meet every requirement for success: abundant, inexpensive, and delicious. Indeed, you need to get there quite early (particularly on Saturdays) unless you don't mind lingering for 2 hours at the bar.
Av. La Mar 770, Miraflores   Phone: 4213365
El Señorio de Sulco : Their cuisine both recovers and preserves the authenticity of Peruvian dishes, and combines local flavours and tastes with modern culinary techniques to create original recipes that maintain a strong Peruvian stamp. It's open from Mondays to Saturdays for lunch and dinner and Sundays (lunch only). Malecon Cisneros 1470, Miraflores   Phone: 4410183 or 4410389
www.senoriode sulco.com
Jose Antonio: Probably the most renowned criollo restaurant for foreigners, José Antonio is a must for food lovers and gourmets. Here you won't find crossover or fusion cuisine, but just the simple traditional dishes that Peruvians have been enjoying for decades. Open from Mondays to Sundays for lunch and dinner.
Bernardo Monteagudo 200, San Isidro   Phone: 2640188 or 2643284
www. joseantonio.com.pe
Huaca Pucllana: Located in a breathtaking setting within the ruins of the Huaca Pucllana, an archaeological compound built between 200 and 700 AD by the early inhabitants of Lima. The adobe pyramid, digs and walls of the complex -one of the main administrative and ceremonial centres of the Lima Culture. The cuisine is a reinterpretation of the Peruvian Criollo tradition combined with local flavours and ingredients with contemporary techniques.
General Borgoño Cdra 8 s/n, Miraflores Phone 445-4042
Rincon Chami: Located in the heart of Miraflores, offers excellent Peruvian food at very reasonable prices.This is real local food in a simple restaurant frequented by locals.Each day they offer a specialty dish.Esperanza 154 Miraflores Phone : 4444511
El Café del Museo: Located in the beautiful garden of the Larco Museum, this very charming and elegant restaurant will offer you a pretty attractive menu including all the local specialities and a large choice of cocktails. The atmosphere is very arty and the food is absolutely delicious and very affordable. AV. Bolívar 1515 - Pueblo Libre - http://www.museolarco.org/cafedelmuseo/ - Phone: 462-4757

Chinese Food
Wa-Lok: Of the few remaining restaurants that maintains the original cross-over of Cantonese and Peruvian cuisine, developed in the first half of the 20th century by the Chinese immigrants that established around Capón street, in what now is Chinatown. In fact, the restaurant still keeps its original locale in Jr. Paruro, just in the heart of the Chinese quarter, but a more accessible one in Miraflores.
Av.Angamos Oeste 700, Miraflores  Phone: 4471329 or 4471314
O Mei: Outstanding their Pekinese duck, prepared according to a century-old recipe originated during the Ching dynasty. It also offers oriental food from other Asian countries. Prices are on the high side.
Av.Javier Prado Este 5902, La Molina   Phone: 4370188
Royal: An upper class excellent Chinese restaurant located in San Isidro.
Av.Prescott 231, San Isidro   Phone: 4229547
Lung Fun: A very big and traditional Chinese food restaurant located next to one of the biggest casinos in Lima.
Av.Republica de Panama 3165, San Isidro   Phone: 4418817  www.lungfung.com.pe
Hou Wha: Now the most visited Chifa by the locals. Excellent variety of good dishes. Charito is the owner and manages this place with her children. Carlos Tenaud 490  Miraflores   Phone: 4400442.Make reservations in advance
Astrid and Gaston: This restaurant was founded in 1994, its food was largely French. Gradually they discovered Peruvian flavours and culinary traditions, the kitchen now incorporates local dishes and ingredients and produce excellent Peruvian-International dishes. It is now considered one of the best restaurants in South America. Do not miss this excellent restaurant. Reservations needed.    Just named the 14th best restaurant in the world.          Avenida Paz Soldan 290 San Isidro, Lima    Phone 2425387, 2432574
La Gloria: La Gloria stands out as one of the most sophisticated and convincing International cuisines in Lima. It is located in an old mansion in the heart of Miraflores.
Atahualpa 201, Miraflores    Phone: 4455705 or 4466504   lagloriarest@infonegocio.net.pe
Rafael: An excellent and preferred restaurant for Limenos.Located in a colonial mansion in the old part of Miraflores, this warm restaurant surprises for the delicate fusion of Peruvian and international dishes.
San Martín 300, Miraflores    Phone 242-4149
Malabar: One of the favourites in Lima. An excellent choice for eclectic cuisine that takes inspiration in Peruvian, Italian, and Cuban heritage. Cheff Pedro Miguel Schiaffino offers complex and surprising in variety dishes. You will also find the Peruvian classics with iCennovations.Just named the 62nd best restaurant in the world.
Calle Camino Real 101 San Isidro.Phone:4405200   malabarrestaurante@hotmail.com:
Central:  expensive for Lima standards. They also serve small dishes but you can have a 3 dish meal and enjoy it to the maximum delite. Now also considered the 4th in the best 50 resaurants in the World. It also offers a 13 dish degustation menu. Be sure to reserve well in advance.Located in Miraflores.Calle Santa Isabel 376, Miraflores, Lima 242-8575, 242-8515  http://centralrestaurante.com.pe/es/
Manifiesto: A new addition to the favourite list.Peruvian food with a new twist. Try the Papa huancaina for a surprise. You can also find a vegeterian degustation menu. Located in the heart of Miraflores.  http://www.manifiesto.pe/  Independencia 130 Altura de la cuadra 3 de Av. Pardo Miraflores 249-5533, 546-0201 manifiesto@manifiesto.pe

IK restaurante: Opened by his loved ones in the memory of Ivan kisic who was killed on a car accident, this is now one of the best restaurants in Lima. Peruvian signature restaurant in an upside down crate made out of reclaimed Wood and with nature bird and insect sounds. Fantastic food and perfect service. Very important to reserve in advance as its a small place. Elias Aguirre 179, Miraflores. 652-1692 reservas@ivankisic.pe   www.ivankisic.pe

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5 things all great tour guides have in common

Being a tour guide is not an easy job. Being a good/great/fantastic/amazing guide is tougher. It requires practice, experience, enthusiasm, stamina and a loud voice. If you want to improve your tour guiding game, here are 5 qualities you can start building today.

They are incredible storytellers
Captivating and interesting, a great tour guide is able to bring history and culture to life. They are clear and easily understood, and effortlessly weave together the past and the present, creating a relevant narrative that delivers valuable lessons to the tour group.
Great tour guides leave their audience in awe and give them something to ponder upon before they go to bed at night.
Storytelling is part of being a great guide. 

They care about their guests
Great tour guides know how to make their guests feel at ease and get the tour group comfortable with one another. They strike up conversations with everyone on the tour, not just one or two "favourites". They take into consideration the various needs of their customers and make an effort to find a compromise for everyone. On multi-day tours, they might make sure there's a seating rota so that everyone gets a chance to sit in front, not just that couple.

They're knowledgeable
Even if they aren't local, they know a lot about the topic of the tour. They know the destination and its culture like the back of their hand, and they can't wait to share it with their tour groups. They're unlikely to get lost when guiding (thankfully) and can effortlessly offer genuine recommendations for restaurants, attractions, activities and night life.
Great guides are knowledgable about the destination.

They're flexible
The best guides are quick on their feet and know what to do if a tour doesn't go as planned. They're also up for a little adventure every now and then, agreeing to take the road less travelled if their tour group agrees on it. It's the little things like this that make a tour experience stand out and remain unique and special for everyone on the trip.

They finish on time 
Great tour guides know how to manage their allocated time and identify attractions worth their customers' time, energy and money. No one wants to walk around aimlessly for four hours and have to sneak off mid-tour (guilty as charged). A tour guide who knows how to pack a punch in the limited time she's given is a tour guide who deserves a shout out on TripAdvisor.

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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Arequipa

Arequipa, gastronomical capital of Peru, is well known for its excellent food. Typical restaurants aka "Picanterias", are found all over the city and suburban places, Best 10 traditional dishes include:
  1. Cuy Chactado
  2. Chupe de Camarones
  3. Rocoto Relleno
  4. Ocopa Arequipeña
  5. Adobada de Chancho
  6. Malaya Frita
  7. Picantes de Camarones
  8. Soltero de queso

  9. Locro de Pecho
  10. Chaque de "tripas"

Do not miss: "Queso helado" a typical dessert of the city is made only with pure milk and a touch of cinnamon. (Non refered to cheese).

Best restaurants in Arequipa according to newspaper El Comercio: (not in order of preference):
  1. La Nueva Palomino, Leoncio Prado 122 Yanahuara Average price S/. 50 per head
  2. La Capitana, Calle Los Arces 209, Cayma S/. 50
  3. La Lucila, Calle Grau 147, Sachaca S/. 50
  4. La Cau Cau, Av. Progreso 319, Huaranguillo S/. 40
  5. La Fiera, Av. Canga 112, Urb. Santa Rosa, Mariano Melgar S/. 40
  6. Sol de Mayo, Jerusalen 207, Yanahuara S/. 60 www.restaurantsoldemayo.com
  7. El Hanout, Calle Santa Catalina 300 B1, Cercado S/. 60 www.raselhanout40.com
Best known "Picanterias" in Arequipa:
  • La Capitana ( Calle Los Arces 209, Cayma ) "Picantería" traditional  of Arequipa, food prepared by the heat of the firewood.
  • La Cau Cau ( Avenida Progreso 319, Sachaca o "La Cau Cau II " : Calle Tronchadero, Yanahuara) Located in"Huaranguillo" serves traditionals food thought as "arequipa homemade food".
  • La Lucila ( phone 054-205348 054-283596 Calle Grau 147, Sachaca ) Here you found the best "Cuy Chactado" in the whole city, don't miss it.

Best "NovoAndine Cuisine" (not in order of preference) is a new trend in Peru an here in Arequipa is exposed it too. In fact the "guinea pig" or Cuy, Alpaca, lamb and Ostrich; have been prepared with gastronomic products and Andean flavors. The top restaurants in Arequipa are:
  1. La Trattoria del Monasterio ( phone 054-204062 Calle Santa Catalina 309, Cercado) .Its actually inside the Monasterio Convent. A small restaurant with excellent Italian dishes with an Arequipa twist. Make reservations as its a small restaurant in a lovely set up. 
  2. Paquita Siu Gourmet ( phone 054-251915 Calle Granada 102, Cayma) An excellent restaurant with typical Arequipa dishes with Asian fusion. Speciality in asian seafood and fish.
  3. El Zingaro (054-217662 Calle San Francisco 309) Another excellent restaurant for International fusion with Arequipa tastes. Only opens for dinner.
  4. Zig Zag and Creperie ( phone 054-206020 Calle Zela 210, Cercado) It is an international restaurant where you can try for Alpaca and Ostrich dishes with the bests andean flavors of the region. 
  5. Sol de Mayo ( phone 054-254148 Calle Jerusalén 207, Yanahuara ) Serves Arequipa typical food for tourists and local people. It has many closed halls and outdoors space, with an outside kiosk where local musicians perform every weekend. Best dish here: "Camarones"
  6. La Tradicion Arequipeña ( phone 054-426474 Avenida Dolores 111, José Luis Bustamante y Rivero) Serves traditional food from Arequipa within a festive atmosphere and the best attention possible. Enjoy the best "Rocoto Relleno" in the whole Peru.
  7. El Turco ( phone 054-215729 Calle San Francisco, Cercado) Turkish food and their own dish of presentation: "The Kebab"
  8. Chicha ( Calle Santa Catalina 210, Arequipa; interior 105 "Casona de Santa Catalina" ) New restaurant in town by the famous peruvian chef Gastón Acurio. Presents the peruvian food at his own pure style.
  9. Tinto y Asado ( phone 054-259038 Cuesta del Olivo 318, Plaza de Yanahuara) New restaurant located in the Yanahuara's main square, in tribute to the grastronomy tradition of Arequipa it serves meat and wine a la carte of unquestionable quality. 
  10. Patio del Ekeko, restaurant ( phone 054-215861 Calle Mercaderes 141, Arequipa; "Patio del ekeko" ) A cozy atmosphere with international food, all type of coffees and exquisite desserts; served at the heart of the city centre. It has an international bar with a variety of drinks, some made with the best piscos of Peru in a warm and relaxing setting.
  11. A Punto (phone 054-253538 Calle Las Orquídeas 106, Cayma) We define our passion for cooking, ideas, trends, flavors and aromas that with imagination and great care reveal new sensations, this is our point, author flavors.
The top three seafood restaurantes nominees of Arequipa to "La mejor cebichería del Perú":
  1. El Cebillano (phone 054-270882 Calle Misti 110, Yanahuara) Awarded with the golden medal in the region of Arequipa.
  2. Manta (phone 054-274881 Calle Urubamba 105, Cayma)
  3. Mamacocha (phone 054-256918 Calle Las Orquídeas 101, Cayma)
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Inca Trail - Itinerary

The Inca Trail trek is one of the most remarkable achievements of the golden age of the Inca and Pre- Inca civilization and perphaps its greatest mystery is Machu Picchu. Each year it is the mecca for an ever increasing numer of visitors but few make the journeys along the ancient Inca Trail which is a part f a network of at least 30,000 km. of main paved highways the Inca built along the Empire. The roads were tremendous feats of engineering and so well construted that large sections still survive despite centuries of neglect.

One of the best-known stretches of this imperial highways system remaining today is the route known as the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

The trek begins at Kilometer 82 near Ollantatambo in the Urubamba Valley and goes through small woods, bamboo forests, sub tropical vegetation and wild orchirds.
The trail runs about 43 kms, beginning at Qoriwayrachina, popularly known as km 88 on the Cusco route climbs steadily up to Huayllabamba, there it continues to the Llullucha Pampa until it reaches the pass of Warmiwañusca at 4,200 ms. Then the trail drops into the Pacaymayo Valley and you go across two more high passes before finally reaching the ruin of Machu Picchu.
The trail goes through several Inca ruins such as Llaqtapata, Runkuraqay, Sayacmarca, Phuyupatamarca, Wiñay Wayna; traveler's camping areas, tunnels and winds through some of the most beautiful scenery.

The trek to Machu Picchu is completed when you arrive at Inti Punku, the Sun Gate. It is the high entrance from the Inca Trail and overlooks this ancient citadel. A chance to visit MP along the trail trodden by the Incas.

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Itinerary
The Inca Trail trek to the Sacred Valley site begins either at km 82, Piscacucho, or at km 88, Qorihuayrachina, at 2600 m. In order to reach Km 82 hikers are transported by their tour operator in a minibus on the road that goes to Quillabamba. From Piri onward the road follows the riverbank and ends at km 82, where there is a bridge. You can depart as early as you like and arrive at km 82 faster than going by train. The Inca Trail equipment, food, fuel and field personnel reach km 82 (depending on the tour operator's logistics) for the Sernarp staff to weigh each bundle before the group arrives. When several groups are leaving on the same day, it is more convenient to arrive early. Km 88 can only be reached by train , subject to schedule and baggage limitations. The train is slower than bus, but you start your walk nearer to Llaptapata and Huayllabamba.
The walk to Huayllabamba, following the Cusichaca river, needs about 3 hours. Beyond Huayllabamba, a popular camping spot for Inca Trail tour groups, there is a camping place about an hour ahead, at Llulluchayoc (3,200 m). A punishing 1hr 30 min climb further is Llulluchapampa, is an ideal meadow for camping. If you have the energy to reach this point, it will make the second day easier because the next stage, the ascent to the first pass, Warmiwañusca (Dead Woman's Pass) at 4200 m. is exhausting 2 hrs 30 min.
Afterwards there is a steep path dowhill to the Pacamayo valley. Beware of slipping on the Inca steps after rain. You could camp by a stream at the bottom (1 hr 30 min from the first pass). It is no longer permited to camp at Runkuracay, on the way up to the second pass (a much easier climb 3,850 m). Magnificent views near the summit in clear weather. A good overnight place is about 30 min past the Inca Ruins at Sayacmarca (3,500 m), about an hour on after the top of the second pass.
A gentle 2 hrs climn on a fine stone highway leads through an Inca tunnel to the third pass. Near the top there's a spectacular view of the entire Vilcabamba range.
You descend to Inca ruins at Phuyupatamarca (3,650 m), well worth a long visit, even camping overnight. There is a 'bathroom' here where water can be collected (but purify it before drinking).
From there steps go downhill to the ruins of WiñayWayna (2,700 m), with views of the recently cleared terraces of Intipata. Access is possible, but the trail is not easily visible. There is a small campsite in front of the hostel. After WiñayWayna there is no water and no camping till Machu Picchu
The Inca Path from this point goes more or less level through jungle until the steep staircase up to the Inti Punku (2 hrs), where there's a magnificent view Machu Picchu, especially at dawn, with the sun alternately in and out, clouds sometimes obscurring the ruins, sometimes leaving them clear
Get to Machu Picchu as early as possible, preferably before 08:30am for best views but in any case before the tourist train arrives at 10.30am.

Inca Trail Departure
Daily departures Inca trail are available along the year. However, as previously stated the high season (June-September), bookings need to be 4-6 months ahead of your travel dates. The exception is one-month closing period of all Inca Trail routes in February.This is the month for total maintenance of the trail. All Inca Trail departures are subject to government space availability, please check the following website: Ministerio de Cultura > Consultas > Centro Arqueológico: please select Camino Inca > Please select year and month. The Inca Trail books up quickly, so when you decide on checking this adventure off your list, get online at the official website www.machupicchu.gob.pe
These are companies that have received official authorization and the only allowed to operate the Inca Trail. An authorization has to be renewed each year. The authorization is granted by goverment institutions: Ministerio deCulturaDIRCETUR It´s strongly recommend you to check your Inca Trail operator authorization prior to do a booking.

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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Cusco

According to the latest Summum guide which base its information on an internet review of Restaurants in Peru, here are the latest statistics of preferences by Peruvians:
  • Cicciolina
  • Chicha
  • MAP Cafe
  • Limo
  • Inka Grill

In Cusco city, you will find many restaurants and for all type of budgets. But, you better be careful in choosing where and what you eat, especially when you just arrive, as altitude sickness can affect your stomach in a very hard way. Sometimes it's difficult to keep the 'food' down. 
Here are some recommendations:

Around the Plaza de Armas for a decent buffet (aprox $ 20 )
  • La Retama
  • Inka´s Grill
  • Tunupa

For Coffee Shops:
  • Trotamundo
  • Ayllu (a classic for the area)

For Excellent Lunch or Dinner:

Cicciolina: (http://www.cicciolinacuzco.com/ ), one of the best in town  serves tapas and excellent dishes with a Peruvian twist. Early in the morning ,downstairs it opens its Bread & Breakfast for excellent breads. Its new  place called Baco, is one of the only wine bars in Cusco. It also specializes in Pizzas and meat dishes.

Chi Cha por Gaston Acurio: another excellent restaurant  by the best chef in Peru. Calle Plaza Regocijo, Plaza Regocijo, , 261 - 2do Piso - Cusco - Cusco (84) 24-0520 

Mundo Hemp: on calle Carmen Alto in San Blas barrio of Cusco has excellent juices and soups and sandwiches, more natural foods.

Incanto: bakes its own bread and serves very good international dishes. (http://www.cuscorestaurants.com/incan... )

MAP: which stands for Museo de Arte Precolombino. A good restaurant within this excellent museum. (http://www.cuscorestaurants.com/map_e...)
Macondo, good food in a nicely decorated locale.
Jack's restaurant, just two blocks off the Plaza de Armas is fabulous.  Best mocha's and hot chocolates in town.  Best BLT's, breakfasts, and safe traveler food.  

Greens Vegetarian Food: is a small restaurant where locals eat too, as well as many low budget travelers, with two locations within two blocks of the Plaza de Armas and it's great for nice filling meals for less than $2, yup, $2 to about $5. Salads are well washed and food is well cooked. http://www.cuscorestaurants.com/home_...

Kelly Nelly, Plaza San Blas: Don't be put off by the entrance or the odd-looking hippie - superb food including hearty, fresh (homemade by hippie's Peruvian wife). Soups and pastas for about 8 soles.

Inka’s Hut: (aprox $ 12):  Worth the visit for dinner after or before enjoying the typical music & dances at the Centro Qosqo de arte Nativo (it is across the street) on Sol Avenue. Order the delicious Alpaca with Sauco, Pizzas, and also you can order (at least 3 hours in advance) typical authentic Roasted Guinea Pig.

Nuna Raymi: Calle San Juan de Dios, N. 278. Tel: 84 224 644. Brand-new restaurant less than a five-minute walk from the Plaza de Armas. The restaurant is run by an enthusiastic group of young South Americans who've had restaurant training in the United States and speak excellent English. Comprehensive menu, moderate prices, cozy atmosphere, attentive service. Trout, beef, and alpaca dishes are excellent and attractively presented.

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